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Music Lessons in Glendale, AZ

Kendra has been teaching music to all ages for the past twelve years in her own studio as well as in universities, arts academies, public and private schools, and summer camps. She graduated from Michigan State University in 2011 with a doctorate in Music Composition, and has had her original compositions performed by musicians in concerts and conferences around the world. Besides teaching, she has worked as pianist for ballet companies and as church pianist and keyboardist in both liturgical and contemporary services.

Kendra enjoys guiding students on their musical journey using fun and creative lessons completely customized to the student's goals, learning style, and musical preferences. Whether she is helping high school students prepare to major in music, introducing the foundations of keyboard geography to a preschooler, or guiding young students in writing their first composition, Kendra is passionate about the joy of learning and providing a safe and encouraging environment for students to express themselves.

Kendra's home studio is located in Glendale, Arizona, near 51st Ave & Bell.



Making Learning Fun

Kendra's teaching style focuses on learning through fun games, activities, and repertoire the student is passionate about. She teaches students aged 4-18, from beginner through the intermediate level.

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Get a Head Start!

Lessons for little ones aged 4-5. Introduces keyboard basics through piano floor mat, singing, drumming, movement, expression, keyboard geography games, and creative play-based learning.

Playing Piano


Customized Lessons to Fit Your Needs

Private piano lessons cover technique, expressive performance, reading and notating music, improvisation, critical listening, and music theory in a fun and creative format. From the first lesson, students begin reading notation and playing fun songs. As they gain mastery of each new concept, extra fun bonus songs are added to their repertoire from their favorite musicians and movie soundtracks. Kendra's younger students enjoy many hands-on music games in lessons that help them quickly learn in a way that keeps them engaged and asking for more! Most students don't necessarily want to be professional or classical pianists, but they do want to have fun and learn to play their favorite pop songs, classical pieces, Disney songs, and movie themes on the piano. Kendra introduces students to the joy of playing music they love, while gaining technique and theory knowledge along the way that empowers them to eventually be able to sit down at the piano and play whatever they want. Repertoire is selected according to students' stylistic preferences, whether pop, folk, classical, jazz, or sacred music.

Sheet Music Edits


Discover Your Creativity

Learn to work with melody, rhythm, harmony, and form while developing your own style. Notate and publish your work, study works of other composers, and gain confidence expressing yourself.



Ear Training & Sight Singing

Perfect for those preparing to major in music or wanting to improve their listening skills. Includes aural skills, sight singing, rhythm reading, harmonic and melodic dictation, and music theory.

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Music Theory

These lessons are ideal for those preparing to major in music, or for those who simply wish to improve their understanding of how music works. Depending on the student's past experience, topics may include notation, key signatures, scales, rhythm and meter, intervals, counterpoint, voice leading, chords, harmony, form, and 20th century techniques.

Piano Lesson

“My 4 year old daughter started piano lessons with Kendra in the fall of 2015. Being this young, I worried if she would have been ready and able to sit through a lesson. From the start, Kendra created an environment for my daughter to express herself, while still providing the structure needed to learn from the lesson. She has been a phenomenal teacher. She is patient, uses age appropriate engagement strategies, and knows how to scaffold a lesson so that my young child can successfully learn to play the piano.”

-Stacey B.

"Absolutely the best teacher for beginners. Our little started at age 6 and she kept her interest with age appropriate tools and songs from current and classic movies. To add...amazing patience and constant positive reinforcement! We love Ms. Kendra!"

-Kelli G.

"I have been a teacher for over 20 years and have had my own children in lessons throughout this time. Kendra is the most caring, fun, excellent teacher of piano I have ever had the privilege to observe. I am amazed at the varied techniques she used to instruct and motivate her students. They, at the end of their lessons, would be motivated, encouraged and ready to grow in their skills. I could go on and on . . ."

-Fred M.



I’m here to make the learning process easier and more enjoyable for you. Contact me to see how my services can help!


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